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Harmonie Golf Course’s place that glorify feminine beauty

     Golfing is not only good for health and appearance, but also helps relieve stress and strengthen relationships. Many people go on the course just for curiosity, but they are quickly “fascinated” by Golf. Golf gives players the feeling of conquering the challenge by hitting the ball, putting the ball into the hole. Many golfers are also very talented when skillfully performing swings that give women an attractive, feminine beauty in a proud figure.

      In order to honor the sportsmanship of women, Harmonie would like to offer female golfers a golden incentive program to help golfers experience exciting rounds of golf with their families.

Ladies, Junior & Senior : 1,690,000 VND

Pick up your phone and booking a Harmonie pitch to get the best support:

Hotline booking: 0274 379 7999 or 0889 493 799 Zalo

Email: booking@harmoniegolfpark.com

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