On November 17th 2021, Harmonie was honored to organize a tournament for the Brothers’ Golf Club with the participation of 39 Golfers. This tournament aims to create a healthy playground for golfers to cultivate and share golf experiences in order to connect sportsmanship and exchange with other club members.

Taking place in favorable weather, light sunshine at Harmonie course, the race to the top position in the tournament ended with the victory belonged to golfer Mr. NGUYEN CONG VAN.

Group A (Handicap 0-25, cut -3), Group B (Handicap 25-36, cut -3), Group C (HDC 37 and above, cut -3)

The tournament took place in a lively and exciting atmosphere. As a result, the first prize of Group A belonged to golfer Mr. DINH CULTURE, the first prize of Group B belongs to golfer Mr. PHAM KHANH DUY, the first prize in Group C belongs to golfer Mr. HUYEN KIM HIEU.

On behalf of the organizers, Harmonie would like to thank the sponsors and also congratulate the Golfers who have excellently achieved the desired trophies.

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